How to Avoid Eye Bag Surgery

Posted on: November 1, 2017, by :
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If you wake up in the morning and you look more tired than the previous night, you definitely have eye bags. Puffiness around eyes is caused by several things but mostly lack proper hydration and sleep. Some daily habits and even genes are the perpetrators. If your mum or dad have big eye bags and dark circles the chances of you to inherit them is almost certain. Unfortunately, genes work against us sometimes. However, eye bags are under eye water retention, which should be neutralized. It is possible makeup and irritation to make things worse.

However, there are several things you should try when you desire to prevent eye bags from appearing.

Scientists claim that wrong sleeping position could have a bad impact on our eyes condition. Using gravity when we sleep is a trick way to cheat nature. If you want to reduce your eye bags, it is essential to sleep with an elevated head. Maybe it is not the most comfortable position but it works. Unfortunately, people with serious eye bags have to try professional treatment, like eye bag surgery in Singapore, because gravity can’t recover too big eye bags. Dr. Samuel Ho explains that although home remedies for eye bags can have some effect it is temporary.

Due to nutrition we could change a lot of things that happen in our bodies and form eye bags is one of them. If you eat too much salt or salty food there is a high possibility your eyes to be suffering. Our advice is to limit the usage of salt as much as it is possible in order to prevent puffy eyes.

What should we do if we have puffy eyes already?



One of the things everyone should have at home is a green tall plant, Aloe Vera. If you are not lucky one and you don’t have one there are a lot of cosmetic products which contains gel from it. However, if you have Aloe Vera plant just apply some of its gel on your face and it will do the magic. This plant has a lot of minerals and vitamins which our skin can use, too. Definitely, this is one of the best methods to avoid eye bag surgery, claims Dr. Samuel Ho. Another great thing that people should use more is often rose water. Roses have really interesting properties, they are astringent and contains vitamin A and C. Roses should soak in distilled water until they lose their color. Then you should put water in the refrigerator and use it whenever you need some freshness on your face skin.

Witch hazel is another good natural astringent. If you want to use it as a medicine against puffy eyes, you should chill it and apply it to your skin for less than 10 minutes. It will reduce the redness and puffiness instantly. No matter what you are applying on your eyes it should be chilled in order to be effective. There are a lot of tricks with chilled spoons, cold water, or ice. Coldness stops blood from filling the puffy eyes and reduces the swelling. If you don’t want to be wet, you should try using a chilled spoon instead of water. Every morning rubbing gently your eyes with a spoon can be really refreshing activity.

Of course, every method which we have described has a temporary result. If you need serious intervention then you should check what eye bag surgery is and who Doctor Samuel Ho is. Our eyes are really important part of our faces, and we should not neglect their condition.