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How credit cards were invented

Most important things are invented by accident and one of them is a credit card. Imagine that you are having dinner in a restaurant and you realize that you don’t have money to pay for it. What are you going to do? Most people answers are that they are going to call their wives or […]

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Misbeliefs about moneylenders in Singapore

Every century has its own financial troubles. Today we believe that loans are guilty of every financial crisis we have. Actually, part of this conception is true — mortgage crisis was provoked by mortgage bankers. People start to blame bankers instead of people who get the loan. People who get the loans are not guilty; […]


How to pay your loans quicker

People have bridging loans, cash loans and all other types of loans. Most people really want to live debt-free but circumstances make this impossible. We all know that we can not have in mind everything that will happen and part of the expenses are exactly this – unexpected. This is actually the reason why bridging […]