Why I Regret I Didn’t have Eyelid Surgery Sooner?

Posted on: October 31, 2017, by :
eyelid surgery

Do you have genes that you don’t like at all? My mother had a puffy eye bags and unfortunately, I inherited them. If you think it is not a big deal, imagine what it is all your life to look like you are tired. I wake up from my bed and I look tired, I rest hours … again I look tired. Most women have droopy eyelid because of aging but my case was little different. I have tried almost everything to apply on them — vegetables, fruits, water, and cosmetic products. The final act of desperation was applying a lemon juice because I heard it works. No, it doesn’t. My loose eyelids were hydrated and loose at the same time. I shouldn`t wait so long before finding a solution. I really regret that I didn`t have an eyelid surgery sooner.

Living in this hell, I hide them every single time when I had to go out from home. Makeup is not a bad thing but when it took too big part from your time — it is bad. Eventually, I decided to have blepharoplasty in Singapore and my family supported me. They witnessed my desperation and my attempts to reduce the circles and swelling. Everyone knows that appearance is the most important things for women and when there are such things as droopy eyelids self-esteem is decreased. However, my family gave me all the money I needed to pay double eyelid surgery cost. I had to choose surgeon and hospital, only.

Finding a good hospital and experienced surgeon was not easy. It is true that the surgery is under local anesthetic but these are your eyes so you don’t want to be in “shaky” hands. Online information was not enough but there are a lot. So if you are interested in the surgeon’s experience and feedback from their patients there are a lot. Of course, you can’t trust the web only, you should book an appointment. Meeting your surgeon before the surgery is essential because you should choose a polite specialist who will give you his full attention. If you don’t like him during your first appointment, choose another one! My surgeon was gorgeous. He has shown me photos of his patients and their results. My double eyelid surgery by Dr. Samuel Ho was successful and he was polite before and after the surgery. Cost you would pay will be summed of surgeon’s fee and the surgery cost so if you don’t like your surgeon, you should find another one quickly.

What is the price of blepharoplasty?

The average price of blepharoplasty in Singapore is $4,000 but there some additional expenses. Have in mind that if some surgeon offers you a significantly different price, something is not right. However, some hospitals have discounts but their clients and abilities are proven so you could trust them.



The conversation with a surgeon is really important, as we have mentioned already. If you have some questions, you have to ask him. Really often patients have expectations that are not possible to achieve that’s why everything should be clear from the beginning. Doctor Samuel Ho explained me really patiently that blepharoplasty in Singapore is plastic surgery indeed, but it should not be a full transformation. The main purpose is tightening not altering the form of your eyes. Usually, it is expected the eyes of the patient to look more wide open because the loose skin was giving the impression they weren’t before the double eyelid surgery. Unfortunately, this condition could be so bad that loose skin prevents vision. I don’t know people with loose skin on their eyes but I was shown some photos. However, my point was that you should trust your surgeon and ask him everything you have in mind. If you consider that you have some health issues who could affect your surgery, you should inform him. Bringing all your medical history is not a bad idea, too.