6 Things You Should Know Before Undergoing Hair Transplantation in Singapore

Posted on: July 22, 2017, by :
hair transplantation

Thinning hair is disturbing both genders — and men and women. Most of them try temporary solutions which offer fast change for almost pennies and guess what… they don’t work. FUE hair transplant is an innovative method of transplanting follicles to the bald area. This method is the opposite of fast — it is slow but the results are permanent. Choosing to have hair implants in Singapore saves you a lot of money that you could spend for other ineffective treatments. Of course, the number of grafts depends on the patient’s scalp condition. Every patient who suffers from hair loss should have scalp test before the treatment. This is needed because the specialist has to know what exactly is causing the hair deficit.

What exactly is hair transplantation?

The procedure is almost non-invasive and painless. The specialist will take some of your follicles from areas where you have a lot of them and will graft them in areas where you don’t have. Of course, it takes time — big amount of time. The length of this treatment depends on the amount of the grafts which should be inserted in your scalp. It could be more than 5, 6 hours or it could be done for 2 hours only. During this time the patient is lying down in a comfortable position. Hair transplant procedure in Singapore has minimal risk and downtime, you can find out more about that here – http://www.follicle.com.sg/transplantation. The results are natural and permanent.

What is traditional FUE?

Traditional FUE is hair transplantation that leaves no scars. It is necessary to find such a specialist who has a lot of experience in order to create only micro dots scars. The procedure is possible thanks to special fine instruments which are used for removing grafts from the scalp of the patient. The grafts are checked and regrouped. The final step is implanting them into the patient’s scalp. This step is really important because how successful the treatment will depend on the way how grafts are implanted. Really important is the distribution and the angle of grafting. This is the reason why most people choose really experienced specialist to provide this procedure on them.

What is the cost of hair transplantation in Singapore?

The average price is $6,000 but the final cost depends on how many grafts have to be implanted. There are different people with different level of baldness. Additional cost you should have in mind is the surgeon’s fee and the transport costs. Although final cost is not something you could ignore our advice is to choose price and surgeon with a higher fee. If the final prize is too low there is a chance of frauds and unnecessary risks.

How many grafts should I have?

It depends on the level of baldness. There are people who have significantly baldness on the frontal part of the head, and they need around 2 000 grafts. The average price of one graft is $6 but this is really conditionally. Exactly how many grafts you will need the specialist will tell.

When is the perfect time for this treatment?

Always! Have in mind that the new hair will not grow immediately. There will be several months until grafts start to grow so you should be really patient. Most people want results as soon as possible but with the hair implants, this is not how things work. If you want permanent results you will wait!

Is it possible for people to find out that I had this procedure?

Absolutely, no! If you want to tell them, go on and tell them. But there will be no visible marks and scars from the hair transplants so it is absolutely impossible someone to understand.