House Call Doctor – What Is It?

Posted on: July 22, 2017, by :
house call doctor

The difference between regular doctors and house call doctor is the place they examine patients.

Some people have used this service but most of us haven’t heard it at all. You will visit a regular doctor in his clinic or office. Home visit doctor will come to your house, instead.

Some people prefer convenience to their home instead of cold white hospital walls. Of course, privacy at your own home is an additional advantage of this medical service. Another great advantage is the possibility of all your family to be around. Family support is something that couldn’t be ignored in cases of emergencies or regular medical care.

Starting from the idea that not everyone is capable of going to the hospital house call doctors today are not a rare phenomenon.

Some people are incapable of leaving their houses due to age or illness. There are a lot of elderly people who are immobile because they have survived a stroke, for example. Dementia and Parkinson’s disease are other possible diseases who prevent elderly people of going outside. Of course, old men and women who have arthritis and vertigo are in the same group, too. House call doctor was the solution for this problem. Now they visit not only old people but young, too. Home call doctor could help with food poisoning or stomach flu. Most of them are specialized in geriatrics, general internal medicine, and terminal care.

The idea of practicing house call medicine is a noble one.

Doctors could have some additional features like interacting with patient’s family. In some cases, home visit doctor could recommend some home modifications in order to improve the mobility of the patient. If you need a house call doctor you should call or email, and he will come, you can see an example of house call doctor here – Patients can be seen on the next day or on the same if the case is urgent. Sometimes if there are more complex conditions house call doctor can come in an hour. Have in mind that he will have only several medications and injects which are used most regularly. Not every medicine is available because doctors can’t bring with them everything. If it is necessary, medicines will be bought from a pharmacy — house call doctor will give you a prescription.

Some patients need blood or lab tests. Of course, this is possible thanks to lab partners who will send the results directly to the doctor. Next step is discussing the results with the patient and changing the medicines if it is necessary. Payment for home visit doctor is by cheque or cash. If the patient needs some tests, their price is separated from the doctor’s fee.

Calling a home visit doctor will combine treatment, administration, and diagnosis in one.

This is really convenient for people who are afraid of hospital administration, people who don’t know the language very well or tourists. This practice is so well-received that travel agencies use it regularly. Practicing medicine like this gives the opportunity to stay close to people and their families. One of the most important things in medicine is good communication. Without proper understanding, it is not a possible doctor to point right diagnosis and people are more opened to communicate when they feel safe. Of course, home is the place where people feel more safe and calm.