How many breast surgeries do you know?

Posted on: October 27, 2017, by :
breast augmentation

Like most people, I thought that breast surgeries can enlarge breasts, only. Of course, I have never tried to find more information and when I decided to do it I was surprised how many breast surgeries exist. If your aim is to increase your breasts then breast augmentation is the right surgery for you. Actually, this is the most famous one from breast surgeries.

Women all over the world want to increase the size of their breasts and to attract more attention.

Fact is women who own bigger breasts attract men attention at least twice more often. First time when I have noticed that boys pay attention to my best friend more than they pay to me – that was the time when I decided that I want bigger breasts. It is like race, everyone should have an equal start. Breast enhancement is explained in details at — your breasts will be filled with implants. Of course, you can choose what kind of implants your surgeon will stick in them and what size. Warning sign — don’t think that you can choose the biggest size if your own cup is A size. Your skin and body should adapt and jump to the biggest size implants is not an option. Often breast augmentation surgery is combined with breast lifting. Lifting is needed when breasts have lost their volume and nipples are pointing too low. Have in mind that breast lifting can be done only in the woman doesn’t plan to have more children. Elevating will be done without any scars and with less downtime than the implants.

Before researching for info about different breast surgeries I thought that breast reconstruction and breast lifting was the same procedures — no, they are not.

Reconstruction is needed when the woman has lost her breasts due to cancer. Breast reconstruction can be provided at the same time with breast removal or later. However, the procedure is using implants again or tissue from the patient’s body. Both methods are popular, but implants are more often preferred. Breast reconstruction plastic surgery is giving hope to women who fight against cancer. Every plastic surgery is improving self-esteem but this one is almost magical.


For my great surprise, breast reduction plastic surgery exists.According to people who need this surgery, own excessively large breasts. If your breasts are too big, they affect your posture, back, and even your skin. The psychological aspect is not for estimating, too. Lots of teenage girls are ashamed of their big breasts and this is continuing in their maturity. Breast reduction includes several things except removing the excessive tissue. It includes changing the position of nipple-areolar complex and reshaping the whole breast. Of course, liposuction is used, too. The result is that is free from this burden.

However, I am one of those girls who can only dream of this “burden”. I read lots of materials and medical blogs and journals and everywhere people recommended choosing wisely the surgeon. I suppose no one wants to be cut by an unprofessional doctor. In Singapore, there are plenty specialists who you can trust, though. I am going to undergo my surgery next month and I can’t wait. I have chosen my surgeon after three consultations with others. Yes, if you consider booking a surgery directly, don’t do that. Go and book a consultation, first. Ask all questions you have in mind and try to explain what you are expecting as a result. My doctor told me that most people have wrong expectations and consultation is really useful discussing the topic.

The recovering time is not very long but you should take at least two weeks from work or school. I took 14 days exactly. The inconvenience comes from the fact that after the surgery your chest is hurting and you can lift properly your arms. So if you consider working during your recovery time, you can forget about it. However, if you have kids or pets, it will be a good idea to find someone to help you several days. It is a major change for your body and especially for your back so enough time for adapting is MUST. However, I am ready to sacrifice 2 weeks from my life, in order to have bigger breasts. Do you?