What Could Be The Complications After A Lasik Surgery?

Posted on: October 29, 2017, by :
lasik surgery

Lasik surgery in Singapore is a popular procedure which improves vision

Millions of people around the globe have bad vision and look for appropriate procedure to get rid of it. We all know how important vision is and how it could affect every aspect of people’s life. Patients who have blurred vision can’t read or watch movies, sometimes their daily activities have interfered. Although Lasik surgery is a surgery, it has a really little number of possible complications. Fortunately, all of them can be solved with additional medications or another Lasik eye surgery.

Immediately after the Lasik surgery most of the patients claim that have discomfort in their eyes. Of course, this complication is totally normal. It would be really disturbing if there is no irritation at all. Some patients experience hallows and light sensitivity for a long time, though. There are cases where people have troubled vision for months after their procedure. If you have reduced the sharpness of vision or hazy vision you should be calm that these symptoms will vanish in 3 to 6 months.

Lasik surgery includes flap removing and replacing during the procedure. Due to the experience that your surgeon has, complications could appear in the flap healing. The most recent one is having micro scoping wrinkles which cause distorted vision. The patient will see things blurred but won’t recognize the reason. Fortunately, patients who have this result are only 5 percent.

Choosing the right surgeon is not an easy job but it will reduce the risk of complications drastically. Don’t forget that not only the surgeon should be selected carefully but the Lasik surgery clinic, too. For example, there are many clinics who offer totally different prices for Lasik eye surgery, according to Doctorxdentist.com. Our advice is never to select the lowest one. There is a reason why this price is the lowest.

Another possible complication after Lasik eye surgery is irregular astigmatism


irregular astigmatism

The main symptom is that patient sees things double. The same effect is possible after several glasses of wine. Another symptom is ghost vision which is caused by the wrong centered correction. Epithelial in growth is another unpleasant result after Lasik eye surgery. It is caused by cells which grow in a wrong place. In very rare occasions this result is limited by a second surgery.

“Sands of the Sahara” is the name of the inflammation under the flap. It is totally normal the patient to have some inflammation but if it becomes uncontrolled it should be stopped. Doctors use antibiotics in these cases. Sometimes the flap has to be removed again and cleaned.

Do you know why our eyes are wet all the time?

They are wet because they need to be cleaned to work properly. After Lasik eye surgery, it is possible reaction your eyes to become drier. The quantity of the tears will be decreased. The most helpful measurement is applying eye drops. They have artificial and natural ingredients that will increase the lubrication in your eyes. Unfortunately, there is no method of speeding the recovery process after Lasik surgery in Singapore so this effect will last until the end of it.

Not every Lasik eye surgery is 100% successful. The visual outcome could be reduced due to several reasons — not enough or too much, removed tissue, or our eyes are not healing properly. In these cases, Lasik surgeon will recommend a second procedure. However, if you have to wear glasses or lenses before the procedure, there is a chance to proceed to wear them on some occasions. Lasik eye surgery is very helpful surgery although we have listed several possible complications, most of them are really rare and you should not worry about them.