What To Do After Your Tummy Tuck Surgery in Singapore?

Posted on: July 22, 2017, by :
Tummy Tuck Surgery in Singapore

Tummy tuck surgery is very popular surgery among people who are overweight

Although plastic surgeries are really common surgeries they are still invasive procedures and people should take them seriously. There are several things you should never do after your tummy tuck surgery. Actually most of the things we have gathered you should never do after every surgery no matter if it is tummy liposuction or not.

Tummy tuck surgery will not help a patient who wants to lose weight, explains Doctor Samuel Ho. It’s purpose it to remove skin and excess fat and if it is possible to restore separated muscles. Doctor Samuel Ho adds that creating an abdominal profile of the patient is a long and complex task and the recovery time is not a short one. According to this almost every physical activity is forbidden after the tummy liposuction surgery in Singapore.

If you have to lift something — don’t do it

No matter whether your kid wants something or your dog needs attention. They will survive without you lifting objects. If you love to clean your house you have to stop doing it for a while. For example, instead of cleaning floors you should play some movie in the bed. Yes, it could be a movie for cleaning. An additional requirement is not driving at least for a week after the surgery. Driving is a complex activity and you should move all your body in order to control the car. After tummy tuck surgery, this will be extremely hard. This list has one more thing which is connected to the home duties — laundry. Don’t do laundry especially if you have to use your hands or back to bring dirty clothes to the washer machine. Lying in your bed and watching or reading things is everything you should do first week or two.

Most people right after the surgery want to check their size and weight.

Don’t do that. It will not be accurate because your body will not be fully recovered. Another thing that most people do is to try to dress smaller clothes immediately. Yes, we know that you have a gorgeous dress hidden your wardrobe but you should wait. Not only the dress could be too tight but you will be still swelling.

Taking care of your house and shopping is essential but not right after your tummy tuck surgery. Doctor Samuel Ho advice is to skip lifting grocery bags at all. Gardening is one of those things you shouldn’t do, too. We know that gardening gives you calm and safe environment but right after the procedure, your body is not ready for it. Actually, you should skip every exercise that you could think of. No running, no jumping, no swimming — only walking.

Nutrition is extremely important in our daily life


tummy tuck nutrition

When we recover after tummy tuck liposuction in Singapore it is essential – read more about it on this blog. You don’t have to eat food that might cause gas and swelling. This means no sodas at all!

The most important of all our rules during your recovery is positivity. If you have negative people around you, don’t listen to them. If they give you their negative energy, you should pretend that they don’t have an influence on you. Ask them if they are the people who are paying for your surgery because if they are not those people they should not have an opinion. Tummy tuck surgery in Singapore is not really cheap so this question is accurate. Of course, having an experienced surgeon, like Doctor Samuel Ho, is expensive. You should have in mind that in the tummy tuck surgery cost is included not only the price of the surgery but surgeon’s fee and additional taxes.