What Is A Phonics Class And Why It Is So Important For Every Child?

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phonics class

Phonics Class – what is it?

Do you know what literacy is? If your answer is that literacy is the knowledge how to write and read then you are partly right. Literacy includes both of these things but it includes knowledge about the sounds, words, and language, too. Kids are developing their brain activity extremely fast when they are from 1 to 5 years old. This is the age when everything is important. Kids acquire certain abilities, and they fail to do it there is a chance to affect their future socializing. Schools give kids this important lesson — what you have learned could be life-changing. MyEnglish.com.sg provides phonics class in Singapore and is giving the opportunity to improve kid’s speech and ability to understand and read correctly. This is accomplished by systematic efforts and a structured program which conforms to children potential.

The primary level of our phonics class has everything needed for a student to develop the base knowledge of English language. Holistic development is really important but it shouldn’t be boring so our program is fun. More than this, it is engaging children’s mind and encourage them to ask questions and develop their curiosity. We manage to evolve our phonics class curriculum because the regulations are changing constantly.

Why is reading so important?

There is a lot of research on this topic. The main belief is that coping with the process of reading make kid capable of coping with limitations. If the child can read well he has a higher value for himself and his abilities. This way he stays with the impression that he can learn everything if he put enough efforts. Very interesting part of phonics class is that one where children find out the link between letters and sounds. They start to believe that things can exist in more than one form — there is a letter and there is a sound of that letter. But improving reading fluency is not only about the reading itself, it is about understanding while reading.

One of the essentials that every kid should assimilate is that understanding of the text is important.

Expression and intonation are improved during this course. Of course, this is accomplished with a lot of games, reading and daily practices. Increasing your child vocabulary is included in the program, too. There are two ways of doing this — the first one is direct learning from dictionaries. This type is not the most interesting for the kid. The second one is including a new word in daily life. Words are put in context and are explained with their meaning. If the word is involved in a kid’s experience, there is higher chance to remember it.

Who are the teachers in phonics class?

In order to pay more attention to every single student, classes are formed by several children only. This practice allows the teacher to observe the developing of every kid individually. Teachers are native speakers who have been selected among the best specialists in the field. Really important qualities of teachers in phonics class are creativity and enthusiasm. There is parent-teacher meeting at the end of each term. If you need to speak with some teacher, you could reach them in center management. Every teacher will be happy to discuss your worries and to answer your questions.

Phonics classes are the right place where your kid will receive basic knowledge of reading and comprehending. Teachers will make everything necessary to develop all abilities in your children and to encourage them for their future prosperity.