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Ellanse Fillers Fight Wrinkles Longer

Ellanse – Face and body fillers

Facial and other dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment that is here to stay as long as women experience the need of improving their looks – forever. In modern life, women don’t have time to clean and apply masks on their faces every day. Women don’t have enough time to take care of their skin properly. The result is more wrinkles on younger age and more face imperfections. Of course, there is no war without fighting so women start to use more makeup and more cosmetic procedures in their spare time. Science answered directly and starts to invent more lunchtime treatments. Almost every cosmetic procedure you could do it on your lunch break — because time is limited.

You probably know what fillers are, but Ellanse is a different kind of filler, explains Dr. Israr Wong. The treatment includes injecting non-hyaluronic acid filler in the patient’s skin. People lose their fresh look due to aging mostly. Their skin loses elasticity, collagen, and tightness which have a bad influence on the self-esteem of the patient. Although most people think that women are those who more often seek help from plastic surgeons our data shows that men have significant participation, too. We can conclude that both genders have equal desire to look good and to save younger look longer.

The main ingredients in Ellanse are Poly-Caprolactone and carboxymethyl cellulose which will tighten the skin.


ellanse fillers

The major feature in Ellanse is its double impact.

First, carboxymethyl cellulose makes skin to lift immediately. If you want to see results from sculpting you could do it right after the end of the procedure. Unfortunately, this effect lasts only several weeks but it gives time to Poly-Caprolactone to start working. PCL microspheres will force your body to produce more collagen for future. So this treatment is for people who are looking for a more permanent solution than ordinary face fillers. The effects from Ellanse in Singapore could stay next 2 – 4 years. That is twice longer than other fillers.

Of course, this process is successful due to the activity of the molecules.Dr Israr Wong provides Ellanse treatment in Singapore and has a lot of experience with different kind of face fillers. He considers that Ellanse is really easy to work with and the results are amazing.

Dr Israr Wong provides Ellanse treatment in Singapore and has a lot of experience with different kind of face fillers.

He considers that Ellanse is really easy to work with and the results are amazing. Dr Israr Wong from Singapore explains that Ellanse fillers can be used on chin, forehead, cheeks, nose, and jawline. Some people use it to their hands, too. A great advantage of that filler is that he is more long-lasting than HA fillers. But unfortunately there is no antidote so if something went wrong it is not reversible. In addition, Ellanse is not the most suitable material to use if you want to improve your eyelids because this area is really delicate. Another big advantage for HA fillers is that they are cheaper treatment.

Before taking a decision which filler is more suitable for your case it is essential to find more information. Some people even book an appointment just to ask questions which is totally cool. There is nothing wrong in getting what you need in order to make the right decision. Of course, there are a lot of materials on the web but you could receive professional information from a surgeon or a specialist, and Dr. Israr Wong. Ellanse filler treatment is lunch-time procedure but it is still a procedure and no one should neglect the process and the results.

Fighting wrinkles is not an easy task but cosmetic treatments have your back. Knowing this is comforting because we should never be embarrassed by our age.

Face Fillers Give Hope

The average women work, take care of at least one child, cook and clean. She is grateful if she finds a little time to rest or apply some mask on her hair and face. A modern woman is always in a hurry and very often she forgets that her body and skin need care. How many women do you know that don’t have time to apply a cream on their faces and fall asleep before peel their skin? Unfortunately, these are the facts, and we can’t change them. Because of the modern ages, we have some treatments which can reduce effects of continuously neglecting.

Dermal fillers are a new different method which gives hope to all women who want to improve their appearance

We all know that we can’t fight with aging — wrinkles will appear eventually no matter what we do.

In the beginning, Sculptra was invented to help people who have HIV or AIDS but now it is helping people who are fighting against aging. Face fillers are made of biodegradable material. They degrade under our skin after a year or two.

How long your face fillers will stay in your body depends on a type of your organism.

The material is poly-L-lactic acid and it is really easy absorbed so there is no chance of imperfections. Dermal fillers have an amazing advantage — they help our skin to produce more collagen. This is essential because stimulating healthy processes in our bodies we “heal” ourselves. Wrinkles and sunken face are the results of collagen deficit so fillers help restore it.

Although the procedure looks easy, it is not.

The surgeon should inject the filler on the right spot and the right amount. If you have chosen not experienced specialist, there are more risks of imperfections. Sculptra could be dangerous if the surgeon doesn’t inject it in the right layout of the skin. Before having Sculptra it is a good idea to make a full research that is your surgeon and how much experience he has. For example, you could ask him to show you some previous patients. Finding a good artistic specialist is not an easy task but it is needed. He should be artistic because he will determine how your face will look like after the procedure. Our advice is to use a little amount fillers at your first procedure in order to decrease the chance of risks.

Before the procedure, patient’s face is usually treated with a numbing cream.

Of course, it takes a little time to start acting so the procedure length is increased. During this time the patient should rest. Some clinics offer their clients to watch some movie, listen to music or read some magazine. After that, the specialist will inject face fillers into deep dermis. Usually, the procedure is repeated at least twice. Of course, it depends on how much collagen there is and how big are desired changes. If the patient has a lot of wrinkles and wants to improve all of them then it is totally normal the procedure to be repeated more than twice. Of course, the price of face filler treatment depends on the repeats, too.

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However, choosing the right surgeon will cut to minimum possible risks and complications. Not choosing the cheapest offer — too. Have in mind that plastic surgeries are not cheap at all. Although it is lunchtime surgery, face fillers give hope to women for year or two. Every woman wants to be beautiful that’s why we check ourselves in the mirror so often — making sure every part of our face and body is awesome. When years took this from us, we lose hope, but thanks to the modern medicine there are non-invasive treatments to help us and there is nothing wrong with using them.