Wedding Photo Booth – The Icebreaker You Need

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Photo Booth Services

Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding. Unfortunately very often friends and family can’t find common themes for conversation and the atmosphere becomes awkward. This is why most weddings have games and additional activities during the ceremony. Although there are pretty funny moments in every wedding, sometimes they are just not enough.

It doesn’t matter how old are the guests of your wedding, everyone should have a photo. Why don’t you try something new and fun? Classic photos are a good memory, but they don’t contain motion. Now, there is an innovative method of shooting photos — photo booth services Singapore. But wait, there is more. This photo booth is not an ordinary one, it is GIF photo booth. This means that it will capture you and your friends while you are moving. What is more fun than this? Imagine how first GIF wedding photo booth in Singapore could change the atmosphere at your wedding ceremony!

What is a GIF photo booth and how it works?

This is a new method of capturing GIF photos. Ubersnap is the first provider in Singapore where you could get a quote for a photo booth for your event. Unlikely other services in this industry where you don’t have limited prints you could get. For example, if you are a party of 5 people and have captured a GIF together everyone can get his own copy. Another great advantage is that if you don’t want a printed copy you can have it on your email. For those who adore social media, this service is providing the opportunity to share the GIF immediately on Facebook. It is amazing how fast and simple you can spread your good memories.

Not everyone is natural in front of the camera.

Most people freeze and wait until it ends. This is not the right way to capture a moment! That’s why Ubersnap in-house designers will provide every needed aspect for customizing the wedding photo booth in order to make guests feel comfortable. There are a lot of pros and backdrops which you could choose among. In addition, if you have some specific requirements you can work with Ubersnap designers and customize them according to your wedding theme. There are different packages which price is defined by the length of shooting. Of course, if you want photo booth service in Singapore for an hour the price will be lower than this for 4 hours but the most advantageous plan is for 3 hours. This time is enough for all your guests to capture their fun moments.

If you need entertainment feature for your wedding, Ubersnap wedding photo booth will do the job. The most suitable place to position it is next to the dance floor. This is 100% warranty that all GIFs will be extremely fun. People are more encouraged to move boldly near to dance floor. Open photo booths are another great innovation. It could capture more people and give them space to move freely. Additional fun is that everyone can observe the fun movements while they are captured. This is impossible to happen in a classic passport-style photo booth in Singapore. Of course, open photo booths are easier to move around. An additional advantage is that you can have a lot of custom backdrops, which will make your GIF unique.

If you are looking for a method to entertain your guest during your party or wedding, GIF photo booth will help you. People from Ubersnap team are amazing, and they will explain in depth everything you want to know about the way of photo shooting. They will take care of pros and backdrops and will recommend you how to make a unique GIFs ever.