skin doctor in Singapore removing a facemask

Skin doctor in Singapore

Skin care is not negotiable. If you want to look good, you have to take care of your skin. Some people try to ignore their skin problems but eventually they reach the moment when it is not possible anymore to run away from the problems. Every skin doctor in Singapore is able to diagnose your […]

female with amazing eyelid

Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Let’s reveal something that most bloggers and celebrities don’t admit – It is impossible to have perfect make-up and shades if you have single eyelids. That’s why in Singapore double eyelid surgery from clinics like Dream Plastic Surgery, is the most desired type of procedure for almost all young women. Most people trust videos and […]

shoulder physiotherapy

History of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a method of treatment lack of mobility, physical injuries, skeleton problems, etc. It has a long history and that’s why the third most popular medical profession in the world. Some people use the word kinesiotherapy but they mean the same thing so both terms are equal. What was physiotherapy like in the beginning? […]

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What exactly is vitrectomy?

Human eyes have an amazing structure. Some eye problems affect the retina, some of them affect nerves, some eye problems are well-known, while others are still without a clear origin. Vitrectomy is the name of the surgery, which heals retina and vitreous. The surgeon who provides a vitrectomy is called ophthalmologist, Asiaretina explains. Usually, people […]

woman checking documents for car loan refinancing

What does it mean to refinance your car loan in Singapore?

Driving in Singapore is a big expense not only because COE and other taxes exist but because car prices are higher than in other countries. Most people who desperately need a car, and can’t lose time in public transport reach the moment for a car loan. Unfortunately, not always car loans have the best interest […]

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Expats choose international schools

Although data shows that constantly new people come to work in Singapore a big part of them leave it soon because can’t afford to pay so big taxes for international schools in the city. We have heard this claim and dig deeper into this topic to find out if it is true or not. Expats […]

water in 3 glasses

How to filter water?

Although our body is a big part watery we can’t drink every type of water we want. Actually, we can drink only pure, clean one otherwise it can make us sick. At our homes in Singapore, we have water filtration system and dispenser next to the sink so its quality is as high as possible […]

credit card yolo

How credit cards were invented

Most important things are invented by accident and one of them is a credit card. Imagine that you are having dinner in a restaurant and you realize that you don’t have money to pay for it. What are you going to do? Most people answers are that they are going to call their wives or […]

approved for a loan

Misbeliefs about moneylenders in Singapore

Every century has its own financial troubles. Today we believe that loans are guilty of every financial crisis we have. Actually, part of this conception is true — mortgage crisis was provoked by mortgage bankers. People start to blame bankers instead of people who get the loan. People who get the loans are not guilty; […]

art class benefits

Studies show art education is as valuable as math education

People regularly repeat that art classes are important and yet a lot of public schools are eliminating their art classes from the curriculum. Why is this? There is one public delusion that arts are stimulating and developing only creativity but young people need more discipline than creativity. On the one hand, this is popular fact […]