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shoulder physiotherapy

History of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a method of treatment lack of mobility, physical injuries, skeleton problems, etc. It has a long history and that’s why the third most popular medical profession in the world. Some people use the word kinesiotherapy but they mean the same thing so both terms are equal. What was physiotherapy like in the beginning? […]

water in 3 glasses

How to filter water?

Although our body is a big part watery we can’t drink every type of water we want. Actually, we can drink only pure, clean one otherwise it can make us sick. At our homes in Singapore, we have water filtration system and dispenser next to the sink so its quality is as high as possible […]

aloe vera acne scars

Acne scars are the worst nightmare

Acne scars are the main reason why we are embarrassed by our skin when we are teenagers. Some lucky guys get rid of acne immediately after finishing their puberty some don’t have this opportunity. No matter if you are one of these lucky people or you fight with acne scars daily we have gathered some […]

Chiropractor and Chiropractic

What is a Chiropractic and How Can He Help Us?

Do you have a back pain? When we talk about the pain, this one is really common. Women have it due to high heels or uncomfortable shoes. Every single man who works on a chair has back pain. List of reasons why people suffer from this unpleasant feeling is really long. If the pain is […]

house call doctor

House Call Doctor – What Is It?

The difference between regular doctors and house call doctor is the place they examine patients. Some people have used this service but most of us haven’t heard it at all. You will visit a regular doctor in his clinic or office. Home visit doctor will come to your house, instead. Some people prefer convenience to […]