Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

Posted on: April 18, 2019, by :
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Let’s reveal something that most bloggers and celebrities don’t admit – It is impossible to have perfect make-up and shades if you have single eyelids. That’s why in Singapore double eyelid surgery from clinics like Dream Plastic Surgery, is the most desired type of procedure for almost all young women. Most people trust videos and pieces of recommendations and when they apply their make-up they are disappointed by the results. Unfortunately, this is what you get if you don’t have double eyelids – more skin, fewer shades.

What can I do if I want double eyelids?

There are not many things, men and women can do to achieve a double eyelid look. On the market, there are different types of tape that you can use to stick your eyelids. Of course, this is not a permanent solution and your eyelid could drop in the middle of the dinner so have in mind that this is a risk. Don’t forget that if you are dating someone and he or she thinks that you have double eyelids it will be a big surprise when the truth comes out.

What are permanent methods for getting double eyelids?

There are two types of double eyelid surgery and both of them are not reversible. Aesthetic surgeries, in general, can’t be reversed so changes are for good. Some aesthetic surgeries need correction if the result is not enough satisfying but it is not often. One option for this unpleasant outcome is when your surgeon doesn’t have enough experience or doesn’t manage to make both eyelids at the same height. Unfortunately, in cases like this second surgery is necessary to correct the shape and the height.

However, there are two main methods – stitching and cutting.

Stitching double eyelid surgery means the surgeon will stitch the excessive skin. Usually, the surgeon makes 6 stitches along the eyelid. He is really careful to make the same positioning on the other side with another 6 stitches. Thankfully, this surgery helps people get even eyelids, correct their eye shape and acquire double eyelids. The deep tissue, which is under the dermis, is attached permanently. This surgery requires a precise touch and a lot of experience.

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Most experienced surgeons usually have part of their education abroad. They don’t limit their abilities and travel around to acquire new knowledge. In Aesthetic surgery, this is an important thing because new methods, tools and techniques are presented every day. The only possible way to know the newest things is to travel and learn.

The second most popular method for double eyelid surgery is cutting. It is the most common because it is believed to look more aesthetic. Every aesthetic surgeon wants his clients to be as natural as possible no matter how improvements they have. That’s why most people who undergo double eyelid surgery in Singapore, in DreamPlasticSurgery prefer the cutting method. The cutting means that the surgeon will remove everything that is too much – skin, fat and muscles. Perfect eyelids don’t need too much fat tissue or skin. That’s why the results look like patients were born with double eyelids. The incision, similar to stitches, is along the eyelid and has to be as precise as possible.

How long is the recovery time after the surgery?

It depends on the type of surgery. If the patient has undergone the stitching method then the recovery is shorter. The fastest recovery possible is 2 days, while the longest – 10 days. Most people have at least 2 weeks at home just to be sure everything is OK.

If the patient has undergone the cutting method then the recovery is a little bit longer. The cutting method is more invasive so at first wound recovers for 3-4 days. Then bruising vanishes for the next 14 days and the last is swelling – from 3 weeks to one month. People usually spend at least one month at home.