Expats choose international schools

Posted on: June 11, 2018, by :
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Although data shows that constantly new people come to work in Singapore a big part of them leave it soon because can’t afford to pay so big taxes for international schools in the city. We have heard this claim and dig deeper into this topic to find out if it is true or not. Expats come in Singapore with expat package and sometimes the package includes fees for international school. According to our research, the average price in Singapore for international school is between $20,000 and $35,000. As you may guess, only the biggest companies can afford to pay their employers so big amount. However, the tendency shows that more international schools are opening doors few years with lower taxes.

Why people choose international schools instead of local ones?

We will not tell why international schools are better, we will focus on the topic why people think they are better. The first thing that makes an impression is international schools have students from all over the world. Children communicate with other children from around the world and exchange their traditions and habits. Signing your child in an international school, you risk finding him more curious about the world than you are on his age. A great benefit is the International Baccalaureate because the curriculum gives a good foundation for university admissions.

International schools have the significant task to educate kids to be emotionally mature while giving them the opportunity to get familiar with different cultures. Children who become open-minded adults have been raised this way and international schools like GWA Singapore are the best educators when it comes to diversity. These children can celebrate different holidays like Christmas and Hanukah at the same time and will develop respect to other nationalities.

International schools offer additional classes

In Singapore, International School language is the English language so children who don’t know it fluently can’t participate in the class. Additional classes might be English language classes, art classes or even some sports activity. Most international schools have amazing sports facilities like swimming pools, playgrounds and halls. Sports activities benefit academic results and children need to sport daily.

Although most people don’t appreciate how valuable is education, an international school can give you better results. It is considered, that average score of a student who is in an International school is higher compared to a student from a local school. The better score gives better opportunities for better universities and this is important.

Let’s talk about educators

International schools are famous with their highly qualified educators. They hire only extremely professional teachers because they have to lead small classes. Education in smaller classes means that teacher will pay more attention to every single student and personal touch is what’s matter most. Academic specialists are not only teachers they are psychologists and friends to children. Expat children need more support and validation of their comfort zone because they just have lost the previous one. Children who have moved to a new country or new city need confirmation into the new place without ruining their idea about the last place. Educators in International Schools easily gives them exactly what they need because they have years of experience with children from foreign countries.

If we have to sum this up into a conclusion; International Schools might offer many things that local schools can’t. Both educational systems are good but the international one gives different benefits to children in an indirect way and open more doors and opportunities for them in the future.