How to filter water?

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water in 3 glasses

Although our body is a big part watery we can’t drink every type of water we want. Actually, we can drink only pure, clean one otherwise it can make us sick. At our homes in Singapore, we have water filtration system and dispenser next to the sink so its quality is as high as possible referring to Triple Lifestyle. If we are lost somewhere in the woods, or we are in a survival situation then we won’t have a clean purified water, so we have to create it.

One man can live without drinking liquids 3 days only. Unfortunately, a patient will start to show symptoms of dehydration on the first day. That’s why it is so important to know how to find a clean water or to how to filter dirty one. Emergency preparedness is important so keep reading.



How to find a water source?

If you go somewhere in nature or you find yourself in an emergency in nature and you don’t know area make sure you have a map. On every map, water sources are marked, so make sure you have a map before going somewhere. However, if you don’t have a map then you should think carefully and check the area. Climb on some higher place and try to define where water can leak when it rains. If you define this place go there and find it.

If you find a water source, don’t drink from it no matter how thirsty you are. People have the bad habit to hurry and make mistakes so you are warned. If you drink it, then you will be sick – simple as that. Contaminants that hide in are bacteria, Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Viruses. All of them are microscopic so you won’t see them.

How to filter it?

Find some container where you can store it, like a plastic bag, for example. Next step is filtering it. As long as you don’t have a cozy water dispenser like these in Singapore, you should do it manually. If you have cloth or coffee filter, then it is easy. Running it through the cloth is going to catch some particles and if you want to maximize it, just fold the cloth and run it again. At home, this is happening in the best water filters – they purify it and separate the clean pure one from viruses and particles. Of course, in water purifier in Singapore, microfiltration is used which is much more modern.

Water purification.

A great method is to purify it and make it drinkable. If you can make fire, boil it and the viruses will die. There is nothing which can survive the fire so you should not be afraid that some bacteria will live.

Other great methods are to use sodium or iodine. Both things are handy if we have them. Iodine will clean it fast and will give it almost the same taste as filtered water at home. Sodium will have to sit in it for at least 4 hours so it is not the fastest method. If we don’t have either, then we should look around for sand, sphagnum moss or charcoal. Three of them contain some levels of iodine. If can’t find them you have no other opportunity except drinking the dirty one. Try to find a place where animals can’t reach with sandy bed and take it from there.

Water purification and filtration are important and that’s why every country has its own system. Singapore has one of the best water filter systems so all the citizens are safe and secure but alkaline filter is never a waste of resources.