1 AND 2 AUTOMOTIVE, Michael locklear, Charlie CASH PAYMENT MADE FOR A CAR BUT STILL NO CAR DELIVERY/RUDE STAFF dallas Texas!!. This is a report against 1 AND 2 automotives situated at 2433 joe field rd, dallas texas 75229. I went in to purchase a vehicle, A 2005 NISSAN MURANO with mileage 106k miles for $7800 inclusive of taxes and other charges. i started off with charles, the receptionist and later had Michael Locklear, one of the salespersons attend to me. I made a down payment of $2000 on the 2nd of October 2018 and 4 days after, on the 9th of October, brought the balance of $5800. I also, told him i needed to have my mechanic run his equipment through the car and i needed to take the car to the mechanic. He said i must pay in full before taking the car out of the lot, and if there were any issues, i can bring the car back to him for repairs. In total, i paid $7800 cash for the car. I signed all the paper work. Prior, to bringing the balance, Michael Locklear would pick up my call on one ring. On the day i paid the final balance, he was supposed to hand the car over to me, but he said not to worry, that he would have the car delivered to my address before 1pm. After 1pm, I waited, texted, called, emailed MICHAEL LOCKLEAR but got no reply. I used another number to call him and he picked up!!! He said he had an emergency and would get back to me but till date, 2 days after, MICHAEL LOCKLEAR OF 1AND2 AUTOMOTIVES never had the courtesy to return my calls or reply my texts/ email after collecting $7800 cash from me for a car. When i called the office line requesting to speak with MICHAEL LOCKLEAR, after being put on hold for more than 7 minutes, Nate and Joe severally gave me different informations about MICHAEL LOCKLEAR. Nate said he was out to have my car delivered which was a BIG FAT LIE whilst JOE said Michael was on another call. The same michael locklear refused to pick my calls hours after i made the final payment for my car. How selfish and hilarious can anyone be? When i got no satisfactory response, i called back at 5pm, got CHARLIE who told me he would hang up on me if i didn’t let him talk. I was dumbfounded as i have never ever gotten such a hideous response from a customer service representative to a customer, a frustrated 9month old pregnant woman who was making inquiries about a car she paid cash for, and haven’t had it delivered as promised by one of his colleagues. Eventually, i got a certain CHRIS who gave me a different information. He said the door to the car was being fixed and there were 2 cars before my car, so he would call me the next day. The next day, CHRIS called and said the car would be delivered but the car was never delivered. The manager, JOHN eventually told me the situation with the car. He said the part ordered to fix the car was yet to come in, hence the delay. My questions are: why would you take my balance if my car wasn’t ready for delivery? why would your staff even lie to me and treat me without respect? what will your reaction be if you were to be in my shoes? What is so hard in being respectful, truthful and transparent to a client? How am i sure that if i take the car to my mechanic to have his equipment run through it and there is a problem, that MICHAEL LOCKLEAR or any staff of 1 AND 2 Automotive would fix the problem as MICHAEL kept reiterating? I have every right to feel swindled by 1 AND 2 AUTOMOTIVE. I am yet to have my car delivered. I have alerted the authorities and by the scheduled time, I would get my lawyers involved. I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY CAR AFTER PAYING $7800 in cash. I am still waiting!!! The bad part is they act like they are doing me a favor. I really do want this to be taken up. I am also willing to institute legal actions against them as i feel swindled and have every right to feel so. FYI, I have over 10 recorded correspondences with 1 and 2 Automotive sales associates and the manager. They are all saved in my phone.

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