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12Volt Metalworks I placed an order with 12volt metalworks and they took my payment and are not sending the products Texas!!. I tried to place an order with them around the middle of may and when I got to the checkout section , it was not working and would not let me finish the order. I messaged them to call me and recieved a call from Alex a few days later and he said that his web designer was working on the site and to send him the money through PayPal since he couldnt print an invoice. Also his website stated one price with free shipping and he quoted me more but I needed the parts. I called back to comfirm receipt and he told me that my order was already packed up and ready to ship through priority mail which is 1 to 3 days. After a week I tried calling him to see what was the holdup and his phone, which is the business phone, was not in service. I emailed him and got a message back from him a few days later saying he lost his phone which has nothing to do with my order being shipped. He wanted me to resend my shipping info to him, saying my order was lost. I did and after another week, still nothing. I asked him to just refund my money and he responded by saying that the post office lost my order and that he would refund my money. He has not refunded me and since then has stopped all communication with me. I was ripped off by Alex at 12volt metalworks. Don’t let them take your money too. During a recent industry meet I asked about them and was informed that he has done this sort of thing to others. I cant say what the real cause is behind this besides plain fraud but in my opinion, most ppl that do this kind of stuff have a drug or alcohol problem or a gambling problem. Alex, if you read this and this is the case, “GET SOME HELP”

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