6th Judicial Court


Here’s the long and short for the scam they’re running in the Family Courts. They give financial incentive for the non-provider (man or woman) to keep suing you by way of outragous child support, often 10x the Michigan Child Support calculation. The state gets a matching dollar from the federal government for every dollar they collect in child support. Once the bad numbers go in there’s zero incentive for the state to correct it. If you can afford an attorney and can spend $10k -20k on getting the paperwork corrected FOC will try every trick not to refund the overpayment. One very important thing to remember is: If the court (Judge to Janitor) is telling you something off the record it’s because they’re lying to you. Record all phone conversations and when taken to a back room insist what you are told be put in writing or repeated in open court and notice the change in attitude. Agree to nothing and for god sakes don’t sign anything. The court is there to rob you and move on to the next victim. In open court say “I plead the 5th to any further questioning” then shut up. Only speak up to object when you hear false allegations. The children are always awarded to the non-provider without an evidentiary hearing to keep the fighting going, meaning the non-provider makes a claim or accusation and it’s recorded in the court record as fact so when an appeal is done the Appellate Judges pretend to assume due process has taken place and the court record reflects the findings. The courts makes money by the couple fighting, so whenever any staff is involved with a report it will be full of inaccuracies and lies. There’s no checks and balances so whatever they put in the file it’s considered the truth from that point forward, because why would a neutral court staffer lieon you? I have 50 billion reasons a year why they would. The whole scam is self contained (The court and people who make money from the victims being funneled to them), protected and very well organized. Judges, all Attorney’s and staff are in on the scam to the tune of $50 Billion dollars a year so there’s plenty of your hard earned money to go around. For example the Gorcyca’s had to pay a 2 Million dollar settlement for false imprisionment and the usual lying while the husband was a prosecutor. The Gorcyca’s didn’t file bankruptcy or sell their home, meaning these civil servants making around $100k year had over 2 million dollars liquid in the bank!!! Hmmmm. The court will pull every trick in the book for you not to have your day in court. The normal scam is keep having you show up for trial dates, if you keep making the dates the court will eventually fabricate a date then enter a Default Judgement against you. Next the Judge will issue an order of no contact, even if there been no abuse of any kind so you and the other party can’t reconcile. The main tool used is contempt because it covers everything no matter how illegal the order. You WILL be found in contempt of something!!! The Michigan Court of Appeals is a complete joke and the Judicial Tenure Commission is for rogue Judges not bad Judges, meaning if you’re playing the game and sticking with the program and just destroying families any complaint against you will be swept under the rug. The JTC claims they receive about 600 complaints a year asking them to investigate Judicial Misconduct, when the number is closer to 2500 complaints a year. Gorcyca went too far by jailing rich kids from Bloomfied and the then director of the JTC filed a formal complaint against her and of course was soon fired there after. Here’s the end game, the family court is going to bleed the family dry, keep you coming to court for nonsense and sell all assests especially houses since equity has risen in the past several years to pay outragous and inflated attorney fees. Attorney’s then turn around and contribute to the Judges campaign so everyone lives fat and happy except any family that comes into their courtroom. This Family Court process has become BIG BUSINESS – $50 Billion a year. The ONLY way to stop the corruption is reform and remove all the current Family Judges from the bench. These are corrupt individuals hide behind the money making machine but are only individuals at the end of the day. Vote for anyone except for who is currently in the seat. As you can imagine robbing, jailing and ruining families can be quite stressful so often there’s no opponent running against the Family Court Judge seats. Stand up and get off the fence or continue being lambs led to the slaughter!!!

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