A-1 Homes Services


Watch out for this guy and his company. First red flag his license is not under his name but his ex girlfriends. Second he does not write up a proper contracts. He requires cash payments and does not give receipts. He has no focus on the task at hand. Looks for other ways to take your money, like creating fees which were not included under the contract. Asks to purchase tools when he should already have them. Asks to pay for extra materials and tools and after the job is done he will keep all it. Has no respect for your personal stuff like smoking inside the home he is working on, spilling coffee, and leaving his biological waste around. He outsources when he can to workers that are not part of his company, he hires them for the job and they are not skilled, some have police records, and some are thieves. He does not work well with other professionals and tries to project manage the whole operation but fails. Tries to take on more than what the can handle and expects payment before a job is completed. He is not skilled at all and his work is very sloppy. Do not hire for anything. Not even taking out the garbage.

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