AA MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT AA MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT, SAN DIEGO, CA SAN DIEGO CA California!!. This Co. does door to door transportation of your motorcycle. Mine went from Wisconsin to Arizona. They lead you to believe that that pick it up and bring it right to you in a truck made for such a purpose. What really happens is the bike is picked up from the seller and taken to a trucking hub where it is unloaded and then reloaded onto a long haul that is coming to you full of all kinds of stuff. Your bike is most likely the only one on the truck. It gets to your city where it is unloaded, set on a dock until they can find someone to bring it to you. Mine got to Phoenix on a Wednesday and was supposed to be delivered to me Thursday or Friday. Friday at 3 P.M. I called AA to find out what transportation Co. in Phoenix had my bike and was told that it was called Beltman Shipping. I asked why I didn’t have my bike and of course I was told I would have to call Beltman. I got the phone numbers from AA and called Beltman. Jerry in charge of shipping told me he called and left me a message on Thursday and because I didn’t call back my bike had been rescheduled for Monday between 11 and 1 P.M. I talked to Jerry’s boss, Steve and told him Jerry was lying about calling me, because the number he called was a smart phone, and I have no message from Jerry on Thursday. Well I’m not getting my bike till Monday, no its going to set for 3 1/2 days on a dock somewhere in Phoenix because I live in Surprise which is about 30 miles West and they couldn’t find any time to bring it to me until Monday. So my problem with AA is making you believe they only ship motorcycles door to door, when the truth is they don’t ship motorcycles at all, they contract for a long distance carrier, in this case was STI, to haul your bike and then when it gets where it going a unknown carrier gets to bring it to you. Just look up their Web Site, Its Wonderful! Then I have to put up with a lye from Beltman about a message they never left me. .

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