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AAA northeast No service Nationwide!!. Tried calling AAA all day yesterday. My battery was dead. Busy signal all day. Went online to request service. Their website is practically useless. I finally mangaged after many attempt to put in a service request. Was given a 5 hr. wait time! After 5 hrs, a human actually called me back to say, Ooops, we sent them to RI instead of MA! It will be another 6 hrs till they get there! It was 8 degrees out. What if I was on the side of a road with children? I said forget it, that will get them her at 3am. Just send them in the morning. I was told, no, cant do that. I have to call back the next day and request again! Needless to say, I got a jump the next day from someone else. I cannot find any customer assistance link on their website for complaints. I looked up their corporate office number, but their phone system doesnt have a choice for complaints or to talk to a person. I then began just pressig the various options, and all of the extensions were busy. I tried them all repeatedly. I have been paying dues for years and never had to use them before. I went on their facebook page and they are not allowing anyone to add new comments. The one’s that are already there are all saying the same thing.

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