Aamco Chesapeake Battlefield Blvd


Aamco Chesapeake Battlefield Blvd Dave Went in for state inspection came out with a car that won’t even start Chesapeake Virginia!!. This was my first time using Aamco at any location and I am always skeptical of taking my car to a new shop. It was a Saturday morning & I went in for a state inspection only. I chose this location only for convenience to my house. The guy at the front desk named Dave was very nice & professional. He said the wait was 3-4 hrs and asked if I wanted an oil change. I said no state inspection only so I left him the key and I was on my way. Later that afternoon Dave called me around 3 & told me the car passed inspection but they noticed a oil leak. He said they could conduct a red dye test to find the leak. I told him to hold off and that I will get back with him Monday morning. I drive up to the shop Monday on my lunch break. I spoke to Dave and also his head mechanic. This was my first sign that something was off because why would the head mechanic be on my car for a state inspection. They both told me there was a knocking sound coming from my engine. My car had no issues when I came in. To cut the story short I left the place with a check engine light and also a oil pressure gauge coming on. I got the car towed to my trusted mechanic to do a thorough investigation on the engine. I am waiting to get his conclusion back. Basically I went in for a state inspection and left with a car that now will not start. Watch out for this place I am just waiting for my mechanic(a family member) to find my engine has been tampered with.

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