Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB] Review


Recently I was approached by this bank representative and ask me to do a buyout of loan from my previous bank, since even I had some financial issue I decided to take loan form this bank, after lot of effort and hassle I got loan after 3 months. This is because of the agent who was helping me in loan mr vineet joshi who did not know anything full information about loans and procedures. After receiving the loan unfortunately after 2 months exactly our department in company was closing down so our employer had given time for us to search for new job since during the loan procedure mr joshi had promised that the bank has option for job loss protection which I can use in case if I lost job, as soon I was informed by company I immediately called mr joshi and explained him and he confirmed me that there is a option for me to take job loss protection. But for my surprise I got to know after visiting the branch that there is no such option in this bank and personal loan and I was given false information from this person I raised the complaint but the bank didn”t even bother to hear my plea now am left with no money and running from division to division to give me differment for at least 2 months so I can find job and take the salary and start paying again but still there is no help from bank what ever I had got from the end of services benefit that also they have deducted from past months am taking loan from friends and relatives to survive and I was expecting I will take money form my end of service benefit I can repay my friends loans I would strong advise people not to trust this bank and there staff because there is most careless and with no heart people. Who don”t have human values and cheat innocent people

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