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Acceptance now Manager of acceptance now I bought a refrigerator for $950.00 on Sale, Acceptance now and I work on a 3 month deal no interest, or interest will take effect if not fully paid. I had paid 2 payments of $250.00, for a tatol of $500. Balance remaining was $450.00. tried paying it off but not chance, they didn’t agree. so please help me thank you very much,because I had to start from scratch. Las Cruces New Mexico!!. To Whom it May Concern: On March 2014, I went into Conn’s to see if we would find a refrigerator, at this time an individual approach us and recommende us to Acceptance now, that it would be better for us to go with Acceptance now, and we work on a deal that was 3 months financing with no interest. Ok, so we did, I started with making two payment of $250.00 a total of $500.00 was giving, with the remainder balance of $450.00 was left. On the final day of pay-off I tried calling the store at 8:45pm and didn’t get and answer but left a massage regarding the final payment. after 5 minutes called again no answer left second massage. then another 5 minutes I called the 1-800 number they told me to called in case of emergercy still no answeer, but left a massage, I called this 1-800 number several times no answer. after 9:15pm I started giving up, but I continue calling the main store number 575-522-3598 and the 1-800 number still no answer. So I have giving up after several attempts. The next day I called and spoke to a sale representor and explain to him the situation after I left several massages. So at this time He garanteed me a call back, when he investigate to see what was going on. So he did and told me that they did listen to the massages I had left them but could do nothing about it, that I had to pay the whole amount of the cost whitch at this time is $2,400.00 I told them that this was very umprofessional. that they couldn”t do this to me, this wasn’t fair. So any way my final pay-off is $450.00, but I figured that I have already giving $500.00 in my calculation were even know. thank you a have a nice thankgiving.

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