Access Insurance Holdings, LLC Complaint


ACCESS GENERAL IS THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY ANYONE CAN EVER DEAL WITH. THEY HAVE SCREWED ME OVER. I was supposed to be on Mercury, but because I was a young and didn’t get my license yet, my agent put me on Access. This was supposed to be temporary but after I got my license two weeks later, I wasn’t put on Mercury. It didn’t bother me, at least I had insurance, right? Jan 21 2011, I’m at a stop intersection completely still and waiting my turn: The woman in front drives onto oncoming traffic and her truck is pushed into my car. This accident was obviously not my fault, I filed a claim with Access. They told me they would take care of everything, contact her insurance, and they would get the police report for me. Almost two months pass by, nothing. I call and ask them what’s up and they tell me I have to get the report myself. Uhhh.. okay. I go to the police station and THEN I see why they didn’t want to get the police report- it requires a $25 fee. Nice job, cheapskates. I get the police report myself and it has all the info I need. I finally contact the woman’s insurance and they tell me NOT ONCE did my insurance company contact them. So I set everything up myself and get an appointment to have my car fixed. Her company was Allstate and they handled everything fabulously, it was great, unlike lazy ol’ Access. Keep in mind, all of this progress was finally made after two months of waiting. A month after the policy started, I get letters telling me I didn’t pay. I called my agent up and she tells me they put MY PAYMENT on the WRONG POLICY. My money paid for somebody else’s policy! What the hell? Okay, at least it was corrected. Start of April 2011- unfortunately, I bump into someone’s car in slow-moving traffic. Embarrassing, I know, never bend down to pick up a dropped item, people. Your foot may slacken on the brake and you won’t even feel it. The accident was a gentle bump, my headlight was broken and the man I bumped into got scratches. I filed a claim with Access. They tell me they will take care of everything. A day later, I get a call saying I HAVE A POLICY LAPSE AND THEY WILL NOT COVER ME. Excuse me?! They say my insurance was cut on the day the accident happened because I did not pay. For those who get letters from Access, they tell you the day when your policy will not be in effect if you do not pay. The day that my policy would have ceased to be in effect was the day AFTER the accident happened. But here’s where things get really messed up: I PAID MY FEE NEARLY A WEEK BEFORE. I found the paper proving this and they refused to accept it, so they have left me screwed. The man’s insurance policy has gassed up the scratch damage to a whopping $4700 and they want a broke young college student like me to pay out of pocket. That’s tuition money, right there! Not only that, but the man is trying to sue me as an injury claim despite how gentle the accident was- although I do believe his insurance is dropping this claim because of how farfetched his claim is. Access General has NEVER once helped me, they have NEVER done what they said they would have, they are a HORRIBLE company, and I strongly recommend you run away as fast as you can. Horrendous company. You’re basically giving them free money because they damn sure won’t do a thing to help you or live up to their words. Hell, even their people are rude, sound as MISERABLE as the quality service they give, and make it clear they don’t want to talk to you. From what I see in these comments, I’m certainly not alone! Please, if you love yourself, if you love peace, if you love getting bang for your buck, do not mess with Access General. They aren’t even worth a penny or a second of your time. Run.

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