Acey’s Auto Rebuilders


Acey’s Auto Rebuilders Acey’s Auto Rebuilders Misleading, wrong diagnosis, tried to rip me off for $2500, shady, liars, low class aurora, Illinois!!. I called a for a tow when my car lost its electrical charge… The tow driver from Acey’s toldme he could only drop me off at my house if he could take the car to his garage. My house was only 5 minutes away mind you… But becasue it was 1030 pm i agreed. The next day the mechanic calls me and tells me that the AC compressor seized up and that is what caused my belt to spin off of the pulley. He went on to explain that the repair would cost $2500, and that the whole front end of the car had to be taken off. I didn’t believe them one bit, so I paid to have my car towed to another reputable garage 25 miles away! There they told me that I just needed a belt, charge me $200 for the tow and the belt installation, good as new. Those lying scum bags should know that this is a small world and that kind of business practicves will not be tolerated by today’s consumer. Bad news like this travels 3 times as fast as good news. So Acey’s I how you go bankrupt, and I hope that I see you out on the streets… You know what they say about pay back…

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