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We hired Shawn Schillizzi of Action Enterprises to do some work for us. By chance we found this website one day when we searched his name just out of curiosity. I really wish I had found it a lot sooner Ė before we hired him. His work was so bad that we had to hire several reputable contractors to come in and fix the mess Schillizzi made of our home. Most of the work he did had to repaired or ripped out completely. Iím surprised there arenít more complaint on him. We put our trust in him and he took us to the cleaners. We ended up finding some good legitimate contractors on but we had to pay for everything all over again, and live in a construction zone even longer. We learned a very expensive lesson. We also found out later on that Schillizzi didnít even have workers comp or liability insurance. He never pulled the proper permits either. If he or his worker had gotten hurt on our property, we as the homeowners would have been liable, not him. Itís up to the homeowner to ask for proof of insurance from a contractor, which we were not aware of. Plus not having the proper permits is the responsibility of the homeowner, too, not the contractor. If a homeowner goes to sell their home one day but had never obtained the proper permits, theyíll have a problem on their hands. It could end up costing them a lot of time, money and aggravation – plus the sale of the home will be delayed. Houses in this situation often end up losing value because of it. Shawn Schillizzi from Action Enterprises either doesnít know about this or he doesnít care. My guess is that he doesnít care. Do not hire this guy. Heís a total con man. .

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