AFFORDABLE MOBILE MECHANICS raymond coley attempted to rip my wife off for 500$ to replace fuel pump n 100$to change spark plugs..he messed with my fuel line,so that my brand new pump would burn out. ocala, Florida!!. this mechanic is crooked, he came over apprx.4 wks,prior to next visit, which Im absolutely positive, he set up…I just bought brand new pump, had it installed…Raymond I called to change spark plugs which he did,oh by the way he conviently without my approval bent my fuel line, knowing that it would burn out the new fuel pump…2wks.,later Raymonds goal was achieved, my fuel pump was only a month old ,bought brand new which is another story(,that guy will b on the next report I file. Anyways my fuel pump burned out. had to call him back, thought the spark plugs fouled out again…he said .he said it would cost 450$-500$to replace my fuel pump, after he attempted to charge me 100$ to replace my spark plugs, which by the way my wife bought…see I was at work and this suspect of a man, thrives off of innocent women n young adults, I would call children. like I said he attempted to connive n steal, when I talked to him n heard his poor excuse of a con,i knew something wasnt right…I told him I would pay if he could get my car running…but come on 100$ for a couple of twists n turns(replacing Sparkplugs)need less to say he left my house knowing that he couldnt con or hustle me, but bottom line is my car still isnt running, but I wasnt going to fall for that again, hope fully we can stop this half a**ed crook from victimizing another innocent person…

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