Agrade auto parts manager Jeff


Agrade auto parts manager Jeff The same ripp off refund scam they have been doing to people.I purchased a part for 1200 dollars .They didn’t pack it correctly so it was damaged.The UPS driver made notes about it and it was the wrong part.Jeff said it was the right part and it wasn’t damaged but he filed a damage claim with UPS.Jeff also stated the he would give me 800 dollars of the 1200 back.still no refund.i understand its there way because lots of others have been done this way.Our Government needs to stop this unlawful company. NORTH BRUNSWICK New Jersey!!. The same refund rippoff they have been getting away with.i purchased a part for 1200 dollars from them and when UPS delivered the package it was damaged and the wrong part.The UPS driver made a note of it and took it back to be inspected.UPS found the part was damaged and returned it to the sender.Jeff tried to file a claim with UPS and lost that case so in return he told me that it was the right part and it wasn’t damaged.Jeff is trying to charge me 400 of the 1200 but i havn’t recieved a dime of my money.I have read several cases that this company has done people the same way.OUR great U.S government needs to stop these middle easterns for taking from our people like this.

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