AHI Carrier Complaint


BELOW EMAIL WAS SENT TO SEVERAL PEOPLE IN JET AIRWAYS WHICH WENT UNATTENDED. ITS A SHAME!!! ON JET AIRWAYS… Dear Mr. Pawar, I wish to bring to your attention & also lodge my complaint with Jet Airways. My story is ——- I was scheduled to travel from Mumbai to Dubai on 1st January, 2009 alongwith my 8year old boy. Passenger names : Bharti Vankiani / Jitesh Vankiani Ticket nos. : [protected] & [protected] Since 4.45pm we were in the long neverending baggage screening queue at Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. At 5.15pm, Jetairways Supervisor Ms. Tarana announces seperate queue for Jetairways Dubai passengers, apparently all passengers run to queue there. After baggage screening I was asked to go to counter no. 77, served by Ms. Sneha. But before me, a crew member was checking in and Ms. Sneha took no less than 15 minutes to check-in a crew member who seemed to be the pilot of the aircraft. I wonder what seat she was trying to allocate to a pilot of the plane?? Finally, my turn at 5.30pm I requested Ms. sneha to give me a window seat for my child, she said no more window seats available but she can offer middle front row seats, to which I had to agree. She prints my boarding pass and works on her computer. Please note the boarding pass was printed. Mr. Rohit yells at Ms. Sneha – 2 counters away from her that he is looking for XX seat nos. – Ms. Sneha confirms she is holding the seats. Mr. Rohit demands her to release the seats, & Ms. Sneha coolly tears away the printed boarding pass meant for me and my child. knowing well that I have lost the front seats – still being patient I told her give me any seats and please handover my boarding pass as I will be late to clear my immigration. She says 2 minutes please. After a long wait of 15 minutes at her counter, she requests me to step aside as her computer will take time & I ask her without finishing mine how can she entertain another passenger. Then she requests the passenger in queue after me to go to another counter as my case will take more time. And then she discloses by nearly 6pm now, that flight is overbooked and no more seats. There were atleast 8 more passengers after me who did get the boarding pass (of course because they were lucky to be not served by Ms. Sneha) – I know this because I was checking with them to ensure that all travellers are for JetAiways for Dubai. Can you imagine my plight – My office works on fridays and I had to report to duty, I was frantically demanding for the Manager to be brought to the scene but she disappears for 10 minutes and brings back Ms. Tarana the supervisor with her. Ms. Tarana kept saying AS PER IATA RULES THE FLIGHTS ARE ALWAYS OVERBOOKED BY 10% and hence there are no more seats available. I can either go for an option for Indian Airlines flight departing same time like Jet which was not true, it was scheduled for departure only at 20.30hrs or come back the next day to take Jet Airways. Unwantingly I had to select IC only to sit and wait inside flight for another 1.30hrs as the flight was delayed because 2 passengers were untraceable. Finally the flight took off @ 9.55pm. The services of IC & Jet is beyond comparision for me to comment – third class is the word. My question is with such bad experiences Should we still be choosing Jet Airways & yes I would like to highlight – this was the first (& the last time) I chose Jet Airways. I have been travelling to and fro Mumbai for the last 13 years – never have I been given a lame reason of 10% overbooking as per IATA rules. There is no such rule – but yes if there is do provide me the details of IATA office to verify this information as I do not believe this. Never ever we have experienced this in the past 13 years. Jet Airways may certainly increase their sale and make more money by selling 10 extra seats but eventually you will be losing business with customers like us. I handle travel reservations for a well known company with 150 employees and I can assure you that I am going to give this true picture of Jet Airways to all travellers so that they do not go through the same trouble as I did. Its a shame that there were single males – maybe labour class who were in queue after me but still managed their boarding pass and a lady with a small child had to go through so much. Is Jet Airways only concerned about making Money ? Is there no humanity left on this earth ? Thanks/Regards, Bharti

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