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In October 2004 I started negotiations with a sales representaive of ATL INTL, Mike Herrod. All was “peaches and cream” as he explained the system. Just like other complaints I have read on this site, we were to open a “turn Key” shop. That statement couldnt be further from the truth. I had to find a site, I had to complete the myriad of paperwork, with no assistance from ATL. I had to order initial equipment to include: compressor, lifts, oil tanks, jacks, waste oil tanks, install air delivery system, purchase lathe, scanner, tire machine, tire balancer, tranny jack stand, engine hoist, ac charging/recovery machine, initial inventory, line up all the various utilities, advertise at my expense for employees, etc…. I really cant fathom what their definition of “turn Key” is. I believe a reasonable person would assume turn key means that you turn the key to the front door and your ready to work. Another point of contention is the advertising. I have local customers who are mailed coupons with North Carolina ATL’s address on them. I also have had people call me from 400 miles away asking me wher we are located cause they got my coupon in the mail. Another huge gripe is that ATL wants 7% for a Franchise fee and 8% for advertising. Gross revenue, not net profit. Imagine if you will, you pay 2000.00 for a rebuilt tranny, you sublet it out. You mark it up to say, 2500.00 Total charge to customer is 2500.00. ATL gets 375.00, parts costs are 2000.00., that leaves you a net profit of 125.00. Pretty fair huh? Not. ATL is a franchise mill. They could care less if you succeed, all they want is your fees. I would welcome any franchisees who would like to join in a lawsuit to try and recoup some of our honestly made dollars from an entity of questionable ethics. Tom fernley, NevadaU.S.A.

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