Allison Garland – Midland, Texas Texas


So about a month ago my friend (who is aware of this and condones it, she is just scared of him) finds out her new husband attempted to pay for sex while he was in the field working. 2 days ago he tells my bff that he hate’s her… he’s been talking to his x and he has been sleeping with her as well. He then abruptly left leaving her with nothing. Now, let me fill in the details here… they have 2 children, one is 3 (from a former boyfriend of my friend) and the other a precious 4 month old little girl who was born premature and needs constant on going care. He works in the oil fields and is gone for three weeks at a time… leaving my girl alone. When he’s home he never helps her and often berates her and puts her down. This Allison Garland woman even has protection orders against him and really doesn’t even want him, she’s just lonely cause her man is out of town…

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