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allstar mitsubishi Got me in Jacked up the Price car was junk! south amboy, New Jersey!!. I was looking for a used car specifically an evo in immaculate condition. what you see is not always what you get. i found the car on autotrader which said certified all over it. i still have the pics. I drove from maryland to look at the car and the price was decent. When i got there to test drive it of course everything looked too good to be true. the exterior was clean the cleaned the interior and even cleaned up the engine bay. now when i test drove the car, it felt a little stiff. after getting back and looking at the paper work another 2k was added on the invoice for these so called DESTINATION CHARGES. I asked what was this about, they said oh this is for the cleanup of the car changing of the brakes to brand new ones changing of the drive belts all the fluids filters alignment tires etc. (THE CAR BARELY PASSED MD STATE INSPECTION AS THE BRAKES AND ROTORS WERE WORN!!!) After signing the paper work i get in the car and try to adjust the mirrors. the passenger side mirror was not working. they say hey no problem its under warranty we will take care of it. this was end of november, its now aug 2018 i still dont have my mirror. Called several times to find out about my mirror and no one could trace it. finally today they found it and after alot of holding and arguing they agreed to ship. IT GETS WORSE! The car was used with 51k on the odo and it broke down with 54,100 back in january. catastrophic failure. the oil pump locked up and snapped a connecting rod and blew 2 wholes in the block. ALL of which i have pics of. called them about the 3000 mile warranty that they offer and they said your out of warranty by 100 miles!!! I said to them i had to drive to their dealer ship 3xs after the purchase to finalize the paper work and so forth and there is where the 100+ miles was attained. they did NOTHING to help. the car was still in manufacturers warranty and they said i can take it to any mitsubishi dealer for repair. THEY DIDNT EVEN TRANSFER THE EXISTING WARRANTY OUT OF THE PREVIOUS OWNERS NAME TO MY NAME. NEEDLESS TO SAY THE DEALER DENIED THE WARRANTY CLAIM SINCE I WASNT THE WARRANTY HOLDER AND THAT THE CAR HAD AFTERMARKET PARTS THAT I PURCHASED THE CAR WITH NOT KNOWING IT WAS EVEN MODIFIED!!!!!!! Im talking to my lawers now for a plan of action towards these guys. This has been an absolute nightmare as I am now 7k out of pocket for a new 4b11t Motor that failed. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE. THEY LOOK NICE OF COURSE BUT THEY SELL YOU JUNK CHARGE EXTRA FOR STUFF THAT THEY DONT REALLY DO AND THEN MAKE YOU FEEL THE BURN FOR IT.

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