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This contractor did a complete roof installation on our 4500 sqft home in 2012 as we purchased the home. | After purchasing the home we had roof problems and contacted Ray Choate. He quickly informed us that he had given a discount to the previous owner to not include a tranferable warranty. After having other roofing contractors come out they informed us that many corners had been cut and the problems we were having were due to installation errors. When I informed Ray Choate of the reports we had received from other roofers he said he didn’t have to do anything to rectify the situation and he would not. | As other reviews have stated, he began to try to use intimidation tactics with me, to no avail. He informed me that he had changed business names so we had not recourse. | He never once took offered to come see or issue, discuss or problem or take responsibility. This is the type of contactor that gives all others a bad name. He takes business, then offers discount to not offer warranty, does poor work on installation, and then is rude and unprofessional when called on it. | Aviod any business with Ray Choate.

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