ALPHA ARMENO la car repo Total criminal enterprise winnetka Internet!!. On OCT 15th 2019 i spoke to SAL THE PAL of ALPHA ARMENO car dealership,i explained i need a teuck by tommorow because I was missing work,I live in Long Beach which is 60 miles from the dealership,he offered a shuttle to come pick me up and said 1400$ down would be all I needed to drive away today. When 3 hours later my “shuttle” showed up it was a kid in a beat up Mustang who had no idea how to drive,after 30seconds in the car i said “Either drive safely or let me out” it took 2 hours to drive back to dealer,I first noticed a problem when all the cars I saw online were not even there,I settled on a 2002 TAHOE,which was filthy,not detailed,I started the truck,It ran ok seemed legit.I went into the office and handed the salesman(shuttle driver) 1400$ CASH it was almost 8PM I signed all the paper work he handed me the keys we settled on 280$ a month starting on NOV15TH,just as I was walking out he says “Buy the way you owe 250$ in 2 weeks” I flipped out and he said “too bad you just signed a paper saying you agree” I stormed out and drove home.(BTW he couldnt look me in the eye after bait and switching me) I drove home to Long Beach,the next morning my New 7,000$ truck was DEAD,i burned a AAA tow and had it recharged and drove to buy a 149.00 new battery,problem solved RIGHT? WRONG! The next morning I goto drive to workand BAM DEAD again,i burn another AAA xharge and drove to mechanic who said i had a short in the radio,which by the way didnt work,i spent 300.00$ on rewiring the stereo which solved the problem.The next problem was I couldnt lock it,so I went to the Chevy Dealership and for another 100$ I could now lock my Truck so in 3 days i have spent 549.00$ in 3 days.I called SAL THE PAL and asked that since I spent so much $ could he please forget the ILLEGAL 250$ PICKUP PAYMENT,he agreed and I accepted the LOSS. The next day SAL THE PAL told me I gave him COUNTERFEIT $ and I needed to repay ut.I called the FBI and SECRET SERVICE who referred me to the POLICE,its not just that these people are criminals its that they are so BRAZEN.I then went to court to file a LAWSUIT against ALPHA ARMENO,but surprise surprise ALPHA ARMENO is a FAKE NAME so they cant be sued,luckily the ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE was able to give me the owners REAL name and the Companies real name,i have fuled lawsuits against both.These criminals have a rap sheet a mile long,14 violations with BBB tons of YELP complaints.Part of their SCAM is after you have spent all your $ on the down,they hope to REPO your car in 2 weeks when you cant make the PICKUP payment abd if you can there us no way you xan make the 1st real payment 2 weeks later. Unless like me you have the $ to not only fix the car but file all this expensive court costs and time to investigate these scumbags.The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT came on NOV2nd I just paid another 500$ to fix that.These criminals will not take my calls,they refuse to send me my LICENSE PLATES,have threatened to REPO my truck over the “counterfeit”$ The COURT DATE is JAN 4TH 2016,not only am I going to get my $ back for all the repairs I am going to make it my LIFES WORK to maje sure they are put out of BUSINESS FOREVER,when you read all their complaints you realize they have been ripping off and victimizing poor people for years under the name LA CAR REPOS,I will with the help of the justice system,the courts and the ATTORNEYGENERAL’S OFFICE put an end to this CRIMINALITY.

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