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If youíre looking for a wealth management firm with great client service, then sadly, the Alpha Investment Consulting Group is not the right choice for you. The wealth advisors at this firm donít value their clients. As a client, I feel as if the people at this company donít respect me and value my money. It is a very horrible feeling. Not only that, but sharing your complaints with these advisors is another herculean task. They donít listen. And because of that, itís quite difficult to get your messages through to them. For them, youíre nothing but a set of assets that generate income for them. Due to all this, I strongly advise you to avoid this consultant. You can easily find a wealth management company that 

I had started working with these people in the hopes that they would offer genuine services. A big reason why I even considered them was that I had heard a lot of good things about them. Now I know that they were all rumors and had no grounds. However, before this realization, I used to think they were genuine and trustworthy professionals. 

My experience with the Alpha Investment Consulting Group has taught me that you canít trust what you hear about a firm. These people seemed excellent at first but I understand now that it was only to make me a client. As soon as they made me a client, they stopped caring about me and their behaviour changed. I have noticed this change and I gotta say, Iím very disappointed in them. This firm doesnít believe in offering good client service. They donít give me enough time during meetings, and their behaviour during meetings remains quite distant. I feel as if my wealth advisor doesnít listen to what I say. It gets annoying and no matter what I say, they donít acknowledge this issue. 

I always thought that wealth advisors focused on offering excellent client service, but the Alpha Investing Consulting group has changed this impression of mine. Itís obvious that this firm has too many greedy professionals working in it. I hope this complaint will help them recognize their faults so they can work on them and improve their services. However, I also realize that they didnít change one bit when I shared my complaint with them personally. In fact, I donít think my complaint even got through to them in the first place. They blatantly ignored what I had to say about their poor client services. Due to this, I donít think those people would change even after reading this complaint. 

The advisors at the Alpha Investment Consulting Group donít give sufficient time to their clients and donít listen to them during meetings. These people offer horrible client service. Because of that, I donít recommend their services.

I believe the leadership at this firm has grown arrogant and doesnít think their firm is worth improving. If they did, they wouldnít have ignored my complaints in the first place. I donít like resorting to such a measure but I had no choice. As a wealth management firm, these people should focus on giving their clients proper time. They should instruct their advisors to listen to their clients and try to understand them. Itís very irritating when you notice that your advisor doesnít remember what you told them before. To be honest, it feels very disrespectful. Service providers tend to be quite professional in their behaviour. They tend to focus on providing the best client service possible. But thatís not the case here. These service providers focus on everything but their client service. Itís saddening. 

Alpha Investment Consulting Group Review: Conclusion

These financial advisors are probably the most arrogant ones in the market. They donít show respect to their clients and they donít give sufficient time to them either. Clearly, they are too focused on other aspects of the business. Another prominent issue in this company is its people donít acknowledge any complaints. Itís quite annoying and because of that, I donít think anyone should do business with the Alpha Investment Consulting Group. 

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