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I bought a printer from Alphacard which was a Magiccard Enduro. I use the maching for making ID cards for Private Law Enforcement and Security. We train Military and Law Ennforcement including SWAT, Bounty Hunters and SERT teams nation wide and Internationally. The license key for the software has lifetime tech support. Each year, all of the graduates have to re-new their license pocket card and cannot work without it. Currently there is over 200 people waiting for their cards and our printer/software has not been working and Dusty Poole, the Director of Operations who has been hiding from us finally appeared after months to say that he is refusing to give us tech support to fix a rather easy software issue or maybe not. | In the past, it was always hard to find Dusty calling over there and leaving messages even though we knew he was there. After all, where would he be? He finally called back and said he would not be offering tech support becuase we were being mean to his staff and used profanity. | Well, this was ridiculous and had no merit whatsoever becuase we only dealt with Dusty since they had no other techs. Getting nowhere with this child in power, we then contacted the BBB in Portland and filed a complaint which perked him up and ushered him him into making further juvenile statements. | To make it even worse, he terminated our software licesne so we would not be able to use our software we purchased and the expensive machine to produce the cards. That unto itself, is considered a felony for stealing it from ourselves. He did not send a full refund the equipment and the losses and damages onto my company are in the six figure range now. If we loss this company of 30 years, it will be 8-9 figures. | They have a lifetime support advertised for the printer also. It’s bad enough to lie and give bad service but when you rise to stealing – it is reprehensible that you have no integrity whatsoever and an obvious CRIMINAL!

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