Alpine Motors Reviews & Complaints


Alpine motors is a very money hungry and deceptive company to work for. They tell the mechanics that you will get paid $20 an hour labor for the work that the mechanics have completed on a vehicle. When the mechanics turn in the amount of time (labor) that has been spent on the vehicle to fix the problem alpine motors pays what alpine motors thinks it should take in labor to the mechanics. Which is nothing close to what the mechanics have turned in. But alpine motors does pay the mechanics what they said they would pay which is $20 an hour for labor. Alpine motors does not have the correct labor guide books or any type of computer program to find out the correct time(labor) it should take to fix the vehicle that has been worked on. They are also charging for parts that the vehicle does not need to fix the problem just to get more money. Alpine motors is nothing but a scam so if anybody that has a problem that has to be fixed on your vehicle dont take it to ALPINE MOTORS THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

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