Anthony McGlynn


Anthony McGlynn ET Auto Sales Drunks! Crooks! Scam Artist! Pathetic, Money Hungry Thieves! Elizabeth New Jersey!!. I purchased a 2004 Nissan Altima from this lot. As soon as I drove it off the lot the check engine light came on, realized the back window didn’t work, it had fender issues, and 1 charging port didn’t work. I put $1000 down and over the next 2 weeks gave them another $500. I had the hardest time getting them to fix the car so the check engine light would go off. It took about 3 weeks of me going in twice a week to finally get the issue resolved! Not only that but I called up there multiple times wondering where my plates were and my registration. Always was given a ridiculous excuse. Finally, the day before my plates expired I get a call asking me to come In to “sign papers for my registration.” Went in and Anthony McGlynn along with those other woman demanded the keys back saying I lied about my income so therefore I couldn’t keep the car nor could I receive my money back.I called my lawyer, the police and multiple sources that told me to leave the lot and go home and get all my paperwork, so that’s what I did. From there I received multiple texts and calls from Anthony threatening me with imprisonment and my well being. They even went as far as to come up to my job completely drunk and got into a physical fight with my manager before the cops were called. I have filed two harassment charges against them from Elizabeth Police Department and Woodbridge Police Department. My lawyer even called the bank that I was suppose to be financing with & they said I did not lie but just didn’t hit the approval rating so the chose not work with me and told ET this weeks ago & were shocked I still had the car. When signing paperwork for the car I did sign a paper stating if I lie about my income I can not get a refund and will be reposed of the car but I once again I DID NOT lie, therefore I should receive my $1500 back wholeheartedly. This is the worst most corrupt car lot around. They are drunks and thieves.

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