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A&P Auto Repair A&P Towing Service Please Avoid This Place At All Cost, Took My Vehicle In for Minor Repair, Now My Engine Has Gone Out Chicago IL , Illinois!!. Please people avoid this place at all cost, I have spent over a $1000 here, now my motor that was fine before they started working on my car has gone bad, I took the car in because I was smelling gas, at that time I was told I needed a fuel pressure regulator, that was changed for $250 then a couple of days later my car would not start, they installed a start for another $200, a couple days after that they gas smelled returned, then I was told it was the fuel tank, I needed my car and have two kids, so I paid for that as well $340, then five days later, my car started stalling when I went to hit the gas, and cut off on me when I came to complete stops, I take my car back, and he tells me the egr valve cylinder is clogged, he charges me $160 for that, and test drives the cars tells me my car is fixed, I get on the road to test the car out for myself and the problem is still their, I turned right back around and took the car back to him, he takes the car out and returns 20 minutes later and the motor is now knocking, he then did a oil change for free for me, and said it should stop the knocking, and to drive it like that for a while, an hour later, Im stranded on the side of the road, my oil light has come on and the knocking is severely loud, and the car turns over and makes nothing but lots of noise, I call Juan who worked on my car through all these function and tell him what occurred, he proceeds to tell me he is driving call him back in 20 minutes and hangs up on me, I called back and called and called back about fifty times, no answer from him. I leave him a voicemail telling him it was wrong what he did and god sees and takes care of all in his on due time. Then he calls me back after another 30 minutes, sends the tow truck to get my vehicle. And today says to me I need a new motor or I need to make arrangements to pickup my car, but makes not mention of being responsible for the damage and hangs up on me repeatedly while Im talking to him calmly trying to get to a resolution. Please people learn from my mistakes if a place charges low low prices, its because they do low quality work, he has ripped me off of my money and I dont have a car, and doesn’t even have any compassion for my two children who will suffer because of this, avoid this place at all cost, in contact with better business bureau next, you dont wreck someones car and then talk to them with no compassion or respect

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