AP Synergy LLC Complaint


Andrew Pak stole my identity, opened up three credit cards without my permission when he stated they were business credit cards, and is clearly a self centered egomaniac who needs to be chin checked. I never met anyone who would dare tamper with my identity. Andrew, just because you can”t touch a checking account doesn”t mean you have to do a blank envelope deposit you bank fraudulent con artist. You”re so stupid forging my name on that business license. You did a good job concealing it. You fake ### busta. I wish I was the one to snatch your girlfriend”s necklace. That was tight. All you did was try to attempt to murder someone by stealing a firearm and running off with it. Your an imbisult. You don”t know a damn thing about making money which is why your always hiding behind some corporate/ficticious business name that”s probably not even licensed with the Secretary of State. Don”t worry Andrew Pak, Sung Jin Pak, Sung Jin Park, I know all your aliases. You can”t outsmart me you stupid weisel. All I want for justice is to go at it 1 on 1. For reals. Whoever wins, stfu. You”ll be laying next to your grandma. You better recognize that you [censored]ed with the wrong person. Didn”t I tell you that before? Apparently loners who get pu$$y from craigslists” erotic section don”t listen.

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