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Approval Auto Credit, INC Approval Auto Credit THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK. BEWARE!!!! THEY NEED INVESTIGATED FOR FRAUD!!!! Internet!!. Went to Approval Auto Credit on ST RD 37 between Martinsville and Greenwood after having a hard time getting a loan at better car lots. They told me they could get me a loan with a very high interest rate. I was happy to just get a loan at this point. They had a 2004 Dakota that they tried to sell me. They never told me it was a frame rusted out rental truck. I had to find out that information myself. I told them I didnt want this truck because of the things I found out about this truck. Which is kinda funny because Harry the “finance” guy said “we wont sell junk”. I told Chris Volz I wanted my money i put down back and he said the lady that does the checks left for the day. He said he didnt want to have a unhappy customer and he would give me a really good deal on a Jeep Cherokee. I made the mistake of trusting these guys. I put 900 down and the finance guy named Harry lied on the contract and wrote I put 1600 as the down payment. I figured this was ok untill later i read all the small print and found out this was not. I called the bank because I didnt want to participate in bank fraud. They bank told me to return the Jeep. During this time I also found out the Jeep was wrecked and repaired even after Chris told me it never was wrecked. I call chris to tell him im bringing the Jeep back and he says its too late. I told him ive already talked to the bank and I was to return the vehicle and the loan would be canelled. Chris calls the next day asking to return the vehicle. I return the vehicle and ask for my $900 back. Chris tells me the lady who writes the checks leaves at 5. I tell him its 4:40. I asked to speak to the owner and Chris Volz tells me hes not here and its going to be awile before i get my money. I told him I was going to contact the BBB and he tells me thats not a good idea. LOL what are you going to do Chris? Oh yeah and Chris, when you said you bought all your daughters jeeps, that was a lie. Those jeeps where bought of the backs of hard working people like me you ripped off because you are afraid to work for a living. You and your buddys RIP PEOPLE OFF AND COMMIT FRAUD for a living. If anyone else has been a victim of Approval Auto Credit please post your report for everyone else. See you in court

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