A or Don Gillette, Larry M Don Gillette new scam he wanted $400 dollars to join MLM Don Gillette and his new scam or tried to have me join and pay $397.00 dollars to join after his online presentation!! I’m a mortgage professional looking for full-time work and I loved the idea but the MLM presentation left a really bad taste in my mouth. After doing a little review and copying and pasting, Of course, I asked for a referal source i can contact, however i knew that I wouldn’t get a response from michael kaplan . I was told that they couldn’t give out that information due to confidentiality. I don’t know of many businesses who would not want consumers to know that they were able to issue these loans. I was promised a call back with more information. That was Friday. 2 weeks ago…If a company is legit and reputable they should be more than happy to provide references of happy customers. I was ready to sign up but wanted references. They gave me the same”client confidentiality” line and said they couldn’t give any names. REALLY? I went to Google and did some research and wala..the truth came out. Do your homework people. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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