Approved Legal Hotline


We contracted with Stuart Grant the owner of the Approved Legal Hotline around May 22nd, 2018 for advertising services via commercial. There was a 200% guarantee on ROI, that would be resolved with additional free advertising until 200% of initial investments was recouped from clients. | Before we signed anything, they had already ran our credit card for the services we discussed, because someone called and stated to a paralegal with purchasing power, that we were ready to go and they were just awaiting payment. We confronted them about it they admitted to it and apologized, and after ensuring that they had the proper, and only point of contact, we proceeded anyways because it wasn’t worth the battle if it was an honest mistake on their end and the services were rendered. | After processing the payment, we were supposed to get a designated number of phone calls generated from this service, routed to our number a month. To our knowledge this never happened. When we attempted to inquire about a solution in June 2018 they were not responsive at first. | On Nov 26th, 2018 we sent a letter demanding a response as to why we weren’t receiving any of the services we were sold. Around December 6th they finally responded, however, they falsely alleged that an attorney at our firm was spoken to, and implied that the reason why we weren’t receiving calls was because said attorney declined to expand on the already purchased services. | To our knowledge they never spoke to an attorney at this firm. We responded asking for clarification on who they spoke with as the attorney they alleged, did not have this conversation. There was no response as of December 14th, 2018, so we threatened suit if we didn’t hear back from them. To this day we have heard nothing back and received no services.

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