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Arizona Fleet Auto Sales used car Tucson az!!. I purchased a 2006 Used car off this lot a month ago. I havnt paid one payment yet and this car is falling apart. The day after buying this car, I called them back and told then I didn’t want it. The finance company would allow me to pick something else out off this lot. But the owner flat out refused. Here’s all that’s wrong… Large oil leak. (Oil light comes on when I drive over 20 miles..) front end is loose and tires not wearing even front axles are bad. Thumping over bumps. Air condintioner gos hot to cold then back hot. The inside drivers side door handle ganging off. Cruz control is broken. Water coolant leak. I smelled the coolant? So they put water in it. So I won’t smell it. Steering wheel Makes loud screeching sound when you turn it. This car is overheating and oil pressure light on. When I press break petal. Front drivers side headlight wiring has a short. The same side window motor is bad. Sun roof won’t seal. Etc etc..I havnt made a payment on this loan yet???? I was told you didn’t buy a new car… oh and I’m hearing road noise. Not a axle or bad strut??? I’m crazy they told me.. I can’t even drive across town without worrying if I’m going to get home? This lot sold me a lemon. Wouldn’t let me into anything else off the same lot… I need a lawyer. Because Ron Bishop ripped me off.

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