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Atlanta Autos GA Buyer Beware of this facility, they have a top notch website that makes them look like a reputable dealership. Bradenton Florida!!. They are NOT! They will cover up small and large issues on a vehicle and you will be stuck with no recourse. They have you sign a mediation agreement upon purchase, should be a HUGE warning sign, so you can not take them to court legally in Georgia. Do not sign this paper or your are stuck! If you just call the dealership on the phone, you will speak with someone that is clearly not from this country or very Ghetto. They offer both. They do a great job at making them sound like a dealership with so many high end cars. They are trained to tell you what you want to hear and have an excuse for everything. The only thing they will not do is give you your money back or take the Crap Car back from you. Do not purchase anything from them without having someone you hire inspect the vehicle, better if you can go there in person while it is done. This is the worst car buying experience I have had and feel the need to warn anyone that may become prey for these Predators.

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