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Atlanta Luxury Motors South Do No Walk, RUN! Worst Experience Ever!! Union City Georgia!!. My son and I, after several weeks of looking, found a Toyota 4Runner on at a good price. Looking at the almsouth website, I see the vehicle listed for $1000 more than the ad. I’m in Alabama. Living and working in Ga, my son went to the dealership to look at it. About the price, they assured him that they would honor the lower advertised price. They said it had just arrived, still in the shop area for detailing. They pressured him at that time for a deposit, saying that would push it to” the front of the line” and speed the process. On my advice, he did not give a deposit. He returned a week later to check progress, again pressured for a deposit. He, being 24 yrs. old and never dealt with purchasing a vehicle, gave the salesman, “Josh” a $2000 check. He informed me after the fact. Another week goes by. He is calling to see when he can take delivery. Every excuse in the book. First, waiting on parts for a repair he was not told about, then waiting for body shop to repair scuff marks on the bumper. Finally after another week, he called to check again, only to find out that “Josh” has been fired, and there was no paperwork on the deal at all!! They had no record of my son, or the $2000 deposit on the vehicle. Fortunately, he had the receipt. At this point I called, spoke to a sales manager and was very direct about how I felt they were treating my son. He asked to be put up to speed on what had transpired to that point, came across as very concerned, and assured me that he would look into the matter. Within an hour another salesman had called me, saying he is now handling the deal. Then another call from a shop manager saying he would handle getting the vehicle ready to purchase. Another week, and my son is told he can pick the 4Runner up on “Friday or Saturday” of the next week. He calls on Thursday. It’s going to be Saturday. I call myself, speaking to the manager that I initially voiced my concerns and displeasure with. He assures me that it’s “good to go” for Saturday. My son calls the next day, Friday, just to be sure. He is told it will be THE END OF THE NEXT WEEK!! Well at this point I lose it. I call to speak with the “good to go” manager. He is not there. Spoke with the manager who was there. Quite loudly relayed to him this whole rediculous story. He calmly apologized, and said that if my son was not happy with the deal, he could get his deposit back. I’m shocked. I presumed that money was never leaving their clutches once they conned it out of my child. My son went the next day, and miracle of miracles, they refunded his deposit! When I got that text and told him to RUN and do not look back!! He got an excellent education about shady car dealers. All it cost was a month or so of our time and a world of aggravation. That all transpired in Oct/Nov of this year (2015). It’s now a week into Dec, and the car is AGAIN advertised on Cargurus for a thousand less than the price on the dealership website, still with NO pictures of the vehicle, as if a new arrival (?) Worst experience in over 30 years of buying and selling dozens of vehicles.

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