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My 17 year old son went to the gas station to wash his windshield and was flagged down by two white males saying they had a bunch of over stocked speakers. They told my son that the speakers were a missunderstanding and were already paid for and they wanted to get ride of them cause they knew their boss would just take them home if they brought them back! nHe insisted that my son should at least look at them, they look really nice and he even had an ordering brocher that dislplays the speakers for $1,299.99. He continued saying how a person in Bend,Or. bought some from them for $1,000.00 and he showed my son the wad of maney! nMy son gave theses guys $260.00 for two towers, but any information on how to get maney back would be greatly appreciated and feel free to call. n Thank you, Virginia nVirginianMadras, Oregon

Portland, Oregon U.S.A.


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