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Complaint: contracting with authorhouse to self publish was the biggest mistake i ever made in my 59 years. they insisted i change the city location of my book i complied. they subtly kept on trying to extract more and more money out of me ,they sold me a fantasy an sadly i bought into that. i lost 10.000 dollars publishing my book with authorhouse , in return i got some 50 dollars in royalties, and to this day no accounting of any royalties or checks, authorhouse is an assemblyline scam and the federal trade commission should look into this. they sold me a subcontracted valet service called cevado technologies to create a website for me at an additional 3,600 dollars which did not generate one book sale. simply stated i want to join in on any class action law suit against authorhouse. tere grand scam here is to tell their authors well it can take years and years for royalties or possible movie or tv contracts to come in, thats their shield of invisibility from liability. authorhouse is an illegal scam , the business should be shut down. after what hapened to me as one of there disgruntled client i am willing to testify in court against them. dealing with the staff at authorhouse over the phone was very problematic indeed , sadly i was abused and re abused oer and over again by the author house staff there only concern is client numbers, not representing the interests of the clients. they were uncaring when my book had a viscous attack on and barnes and that hurt book sales too, they would not address that issue , i was never pre warned by authorhouse that once my book hit the internet that there was a possibility that one bad book review could cripple my book sales forever , no author house never discloses that . simply stated the federal trade commission should investigate and shut down its a criminally corrupt and morally banctrupt business there in indianna,fact

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